Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda

I am the creator and user #1 of Slashdot: the once widely popular "News For Nerds" site that broke ground in news aggregation and community content moderation. I ran the site for almost 14 years, taking it from my dorm room to the board room. We fought to make the future a better place, and we did it on a ludicriously small budget.

It was glorious work, but after so many years I had to move on to new challenges. Since then, I spend my time writing, consulting, and even relocated to Washington DC for a few years to work at the Washington Post's Labs.

I've since returned to Ann Arbor, Michigan to spend the bulk of my time with my family, but I am still available for consulting, freelance writing, and speaking engagements. I'm very interested in news aggregation, community moderation, and pretty much all the nerdy techy subject matter I covered at Slashdot.

if you need to contact me for any important reason, I can be emailed using my last name at this domain name. I can also be found on twitter as @CmdrTaco.